Config changes

Please refer to the swift config mechanism documentation in the userguide for a complete description of the new config mechanism

Swift 0.95 and older used an older configuration system that used sites.xml, and tc.file. These configuration files can be converted to the new configuration format using the swift-convert-config utility that comes with the Swift-0.96 package.
# To get help from swift-convert-config
swift-convert-config -help

# To convert a sites.xml, and file to a swift.conf file:
swift-convert-config -sites.file sites.xml -config \
    -tc.file -out swift.conf


  • The provider staging mechanism is now called "local"

  • A method to directly access input/output files accessible over a shared filesystem is made available through the "direct" staging method.

  • "direct" staging also supports a scratch directory tag

For a complete description of staging strategies refer the staging guides.

Support for clouds

Cloud resources from the leading vendors such as Elastic cloud compute from Amazon and Google Compute engine from Google are now supported via execution providers. The tutorial has documentation on how to use these providers.

Workers and Concurrency

The swift worker now takes a -c concurrency level option that allows workers to support multiple concurrent tasks when not launched through coasters.