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Mailing Lists

If you are using Swift or planning to try it, subscribe to then swift-user email list to hear what other users are doing, ask questions, and listen in on and join the community discussion.

If you'd like to contribute as a developer, or listen to the discussion of implementation issues, please join the swift-devel email list.

Note: our mailing lists require a subscription. If you send messages to them without being subscribed, the messages will go into a moderation queue and may be significantly delayed.

List List Info
(subscribe here)
Archives Purpose
swift-user subscribe archives Swift user community discussion and general questions.
swift-devel subscribe archives The Swift developers mailing list.

Reporting Problems

The best way to report problems and receive assistance from the Swift team and community members is to join the swift-user email list.

When reporting an issue to swift-support, please be very precise and detailed. Send us all relevant files and output, and be sure to include the Swift *.log files that were generated as a part of your run. If the log files are too large to include in an email, please provide access to the logs at a publicly readable URL or directory.

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