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Case Studies

Energy/Climate/Economics Modelling

The CIM-EARTH project develops a large-scale integrated modeling framework for decision makers in climate and energy policy. (Foster, Elliott)

Protein Structure Prediction

The laboratories of Karl Freed and Tobin Sosnick use Beagle to develop and validate methods predict protein structure using homology-free approaches.

Protein-RNA Interaction Modeling

M. Parisien (with T. Sosnick, T. Pan, and K. Freed) used Beagle to develop a first-generation algorithm for the prediction of the RNA-protein interactome.

Glass Structure Modeling

This project models of aspects of glass structure at a theoretical chemistry level. (Hocky/Reichman)

Modeling Climate Impact on Hydrology

Projecting biofuel production impact on hydrology (E. Yan)

Computational Neuroscience Application Research Infrastructure

The Computational Neuroscience Applications Research Infrastructure (CNARI) uses Swift for maintaining, serving, and analyzing massive amounts of fMRI data.