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Swift Quickstart

This guide describes the steps needed to download, install, configure, and run the basic examples for Swift.

Swift Tutorials

This hands-on tutorial gives a quick (~20 minute) taste of Swift. It shows you how to run Swift workflows on various computation resources such as Beagle (UChicago), Blues (LCRC), Edison (NERSC), EC2 (Amazon), Open Science Grid, Stampede (XSEDE/TACC), Swan (Cray MPN). The tutorial containes a complete list.

Swift User Guide

The User Guide provides more detailed reference documentation and background information on swift. It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with the material in the Quickstart and Tutorial documents.

Swift Siteguide

This document will guide new users to run Swift in a variety of different environments.

Old Documents

The following are older tutorials for Swift 0.95/0.94:

These take about 20 minutes. Try the one(s) for the computing resources you have access to.
Our older tutorial, worth a quick read, can be found here

Swift uses Globus as middleware to talk to various resources.
The CoG Kit provides a high level uniform interface to different versions of the Globus Toolkit. It also contains the Karajan language and interpreter which is used as an underlying execution engine for Swift.