The Swift parallel scripting language. Fast easy parallel scripting - on multicores, clusters, clouds and supercomputers

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0.94.1 current version

Swift lets you write parallel scripts that run many copies of ordinary programs concurrently, using statements like this:

foreach protein in proteinList {

Swift is parallel: it runs multiple programs concurrently as soon as their inputs are available, reducing the need for complex parallel programming.

Swift is easy: Short, simple scripts can do large-scale work. The same script runs on multicore computers, clusters, grids, clouds, and supercomputers.

Swift is fast: it can run a million programs, thousands at a time, launching hundreds per second.

Swift is flexible: its being used in many fields of science, engineering, and business. Read the case studies.

Who's Using Swift

  • physical sciences
  • biological sciences
  • social sciences
  • humanities
  • computer science
  • education
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What's New

Swift at SC 2014

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Next Generation Swift

Swift/T runs millions of tasks per second on supercomputers.

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GeMTC Framework for GPU-enabled Many-Task Computing (HPDC 2014)

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