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Case Studies

Energy/Climate/Economics Modelling

The CIM-EARTH project develops a large-scale integrated modeling framework for decision makers in climate and energy policy. (Foster, Elliott)

Approach. Beagle is being used to study land use, land cover, and the impacts of climate change on agriculture and the global food supply. Using a DSSAT 4.0 (“decision support system for agrotechnology transfer”) crop systems model ported from Windows, a parallel simulation framework was implemented using Swift. Benchmarks of this framework have been performed on a prototype simulation campaign, measuring yield and climate impact for a single crop (maize) across the conterminous USA with daily weather data and climate model output spanning 120 years (1981-2100) and 16 different configurations of local management (fertilizer and irrigation) and cultivar choice.

Results. Preliminary results of parallel DSSAT on Beagle have been presented in an NSF/advisory board meeting of the CIM-EARTH project. At right, top 2 maps: Preliminary results of parallel DSSAT: maize yields across the USA with intensive nitrogen application and full irrigation; bottom 2 maps show results with no irrigation. Each model run is ~120,000 DSSAT invocations.

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